EKEN M001 $100 Android MID gets reviewed

Distributor concerns and underwhelming specs meant we were slightly less than convinced by the Haleron iLet Mini HAL Android tablet, but Shanzai reckon that – in its new EKEN M001 form – the 7-inch slate actually has plenty to recommend it.  A sub-$100 street price in China is no small part of that, of course, but apparently despite the 600MHz ARM9 processor and resistive display, it's actually "very responsive" and in fact the best implementation of Android on this sort of device that they've seen.Video review after the cut

Unfortunately, while Haleron were claiming the MID would last for 16hrs, Shanzai have found it to be "pretty bad".  Unfortunately there's no specific figures mentioned.  You're also using Android 1.6 than one of the more recent builds, and – because there's a proprietary docking connector rather than a microUSB port – the only way to get data onto the tablet is either via SD card or through the WiFi connection.

The deciding factor to a gadget like this is always going to be price; if an importer can bring it in for a similar cost to what the M001 is going for in China then they'll likely find some buyers.  Any more and it's probably not worth it for the processing power and capabilities on otter.

[via Carrypad]