Haleron iLet Mini HAL Android tablet coming March for $199

Chris Davies - Feb 26, 2010, 4:14am CST
Haleron iLet Mini HAL Android tablet coming March for $199

As Android tablets go, there are more than enough renderings out there to make you think the market is booming; problem is, most of them are little more than pretty pictures.  Haleron may be using a render to show their iLet Mini HAL, but the difference is that they also apparently have the 7-inch touchscreen device in stock and waiting to ship out from March 1st.  $199 gets you an unnamed 600MHz processor, WVGA display and Android 1.6 with a custom UI.

Other specs include 2GB of internal storage and an SD memory card slot for up to 32GB, two USB ports promising compatibility with up to 250GB external hard-drives or USB 3G modems, and both WiFi b/g and 10/100 ethernet.  There’s 128MB of RAM, audio in/out ports and an integrated speaker, along with a battery good for up to 16hrs use or 72hrs standby.

Judging by the product page the iLet Mini HAL can install regular apps from the Android Market, though Haleron apparently pre-load various mediaplayer, ebook and other software; you also get 10GB of online storage space.  The portrait form-factor is a little unusual for an Android tablet (though not, of course, a phone) though it’s worth remembering the 7-inch display: this isn’t going to fit into the same pocket your iPod touch does.  We’ll have to wait and see whether Haleron’s shipping promises pan out (and if the real device looks anything like the render), but this could be an interesting addition to the Android tablet space.

[via Pocketables]

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