EE's 4GEE Capture Cam wearable is now available

Wearable cameras, like the Narrative Clip, has been around for quite some time, trying, and failing, to give rise to a new activity called life-logging. But it wouldn't be until Meerkat and Periscope launched this year that the idea of live streaming events and moments finally caught on. Now trying to capitalize on that growing trend, UK carrier EE is finally launching the 4GEE Capture Cam. A successor to this year's 4GEE Action Cam, this model is more wearable and only slightly more discreet, but offers the same video streaming over 4G networks.

The 4GEE Capture Cam melds the best of action cams and smartphones into one. On the one hand, it lets your capture events as they happen, whether it be a gathering or simply your "life log", and stream it instantly over high-speed 4G network for anyone to watch. As long as they are invited, of course. At the same time, however, unlike smartphones, it frees up your hands for more important things. like enjoying the experience or simply holding on to those bike bars.

Spec-wise, the Capture Cam is a bit of a step down from its 4GEE Action Cam predecessor. Its 8 megapixel camera only streams 720p video content instead of the Full HD that many seem to expect these days, even for live streaming. It has 4 GB of internal storage, though you can bump it up with 64 GB more via a memory card.

Design-wise, however, the Capture Cam is something you might not be too embarrassed to use or actually wear. It's sleeker looking, less conspicuous, and can attach to anything imaginable, depending on the accessories you wish to attach to the camera itself. The camera comes with a free smartphone app, but it's only used as a viewfinder or for adjusting the camera's settings. The Capture Cam itself can function without it. A simple push of a button is all that's needed to start recording and streaming.

Since it doesn't need a smartphone for Internet connection, the 4GEE Capture Cam does need to connect directly to a network. That's where EE and its subscription plans come in. For 10 or 15 GBP a month, interested buyers can get the camera with 1 or 2 GB of data, respectively. Pay as you go (PAYG) customers can get it for 129.99, 149.99, or 199.99 GBP with pre-loaded 2, 6, and 24 GB of data, respectively.