Echo Show 10 deal makes rotating Alexa display far more appealing

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Amazon's Echo Show 10 has seen a big price cut, with a new deal on the motorized smart display making it a much easier sell for your kitchen counter or desk. Announced late last year, the third generation of the Alexa-powered smart display mounts its 10-inch screen on a twisting speaker body.

Thanks to a camera with person-tracking algorithms, it means the display can rotate on the spot to keep the user centered. That's handy if you're trying to read what's on the screen – such as for following a recipe, checking out a weather forecast, or watching Amazon Video or Netflix – and downright marvelous for video calls.

The downside to the whole thing was the price. Amazon launched the Echo Show 10 at $249.99, making it the most expensive of its smart displays so far. As we noted in our review, there's definitely a lot to like, but you're still paying a premium for the motorized base.

Now, Amazon has slashed the price of the Echo Show 10 to $199.99. It's a 20-percent saving, and covers both the Glacier White and Charcoal color versions of the smart display. Better still, you can currently get a bundle with the $200 Echo Show 10 and a free Ring A19 Smart LED bulb.

That's not the only smart display deal going on, mind. The smaller Echo Show 8, for example, is currently $109.99 – a $20 saving on its regular price. It, too, is available in Charcoal and Glacier White. Compared to the Echo Show 10 you're sacrificing a couple of inches of screen size and of course the motorized person-tracking, but if you just want a more compact way to handle recipes, videos, and shopping lists in the kitchen this may very well fit the bill.

Finally, the Echo Show 5 is the smallest of the Alexa smart displays, and the most affordable. It's currently $79.99, a $10 cut from the regular price. There's a 5.5-inch display and a camera, though a physical shutter will cover the latter – and turn off the microphone – if you want a little extra privacy with the Echo Show 5 on your nightstand.

As always with Amazon's promotions, there's no telling just how long these particular deals might last. Amazon is believed to have inspired Apple with at least one work-in-progress smart home device: the Cupertino firm is said to be experimenting with a Siri-powered smart display that's mounted on a motorized arm, capable of tracking where the user is.