E3 2014: Five games we’re anticipating most

Chris Burns - Jun 7, 2014
E3 2014: Five games we’re anticipating most

There will be ups and there will be downs to this year’s E3, with games that look fantastic and release dates that will make you cry. Most of the AAA titles we’ll see appearing at E3 2014 will be set to release in the year 2015, while – by the looks of it – the whole lot will be well worth the wait. This show begins next week, while we’ll certainly see more action this whole weekend as well.

1. Mortal Kombat X

Coming at you straight from the same folks that’ve brought you the hardest-hitting Mortal Kombat titles since the beginning of the franchise, Mortal Kombat X promises to bring a cinematic view of the fighting arena. If the trailer we’re seeing here is any indication, this game is going to take all positive aspects of the many various angles presented in the Mortal Kombat environment, pushing them into a new age of graphics prowess – it’ll be rolling with a modded version of Unreal Engine 3, mind you, just like Mortal Kombat 9.

2. Batman: Arkham Knight

Every tiny piece of material we’ve seen on this next installment of the Arkham franchise makes us want to dive in as quickly as possible. This game is a sequel to the game Batman: Arkham City, pushing you down deep into the madness of the scarecrow with some of your finest weapons and, for the first time in the series: the Batmobile.

If 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins is any indication, Warner Bros. Games Montreal will be bringing just as much power to this series this time around. We’ll be looking forward to an Arkham that’s far, far larger than that of the Arkham City open environment – five times the size, they say.

3. Battlefield Hardline

Unlike its predecessors, this game will not have the main character dropped into an area devoid of civilians. This isn’t a war zone in the same way previous Battlefield games were war zones – this game is about crime and S.W.A.T.-team action up, marauders and police.

From what we understand about this game thus far, the lines aren’t going to be as clean-cut as the game’s title implies. Don’t think for a second you’re going to have an easier time busting through your enemies now that you’re in the city.

4. Halo 5: Guardians


The only down side to Halo 5: Guardians for now is the fact that we’ve got little more than a confirmation it’ll exist and a few details – like the all-important 60fps. This game will be “more powerful” than its predecessor and will be one of the “biggest” releases of 2015 for the Xbox One.

5. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

When we played Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, we were reminded of the power of the series. This isn’t just a video game, it’s a social experience. Not just because you’re playing a segment of a storied franchise, but because of the ravenous following the game has all around the world.

Big Boss will be returning to an open world in which your choices lead to many outcomes. Above you’ll see our first glimpse of Phantom Pain gameplay shown on Kojima Station. There’ll be a lot more to see in terms of storyline at E3 2014.

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