Dyson robot vacuum readied for potential US release

Dyson has a robot vacuum they'll likely release this year to roll up on Roomba. Appearing in an FCC filing this week, the Roomba robot vacuum shows a collection of features that make this device seem at least as powerful as the previously-released (internationally, anyway), Dyson 360 Heurist. This new device sports a shocking blue (as all good Dyson vacuums should) and assurance that it works with a brand new Dyson Hyperdymium motor.

Other markings on the machine show DDM (Dyson Digital Motor) V11, referring to the V11 digital motor for Dyson's vacuum line. This motor works at 110,000RPM – powerful indeed. At the head of the robot is a camera/sensor system and text that reads: 360 vision.

The underside reveals a removable and replaceable front brush system and two likely robust and powerful blue wheels. On the right we see the text DUST ANALYTICS, and on the right we see SIDE ACTUATOR. At the back in the removable dust bin we see RADIAL CYCLONE TECHNOLOGY.

The back bin can be removed entirely, allowing easy emptying of the contents and cleaning of the bin. You'll also find a model number "X277" – this is one greater than that of the Dyson 360 Heurist, which was X276. This is different from the Dyson 360 Eye (see our review), which was released in 2016.

Above and below you're seeing photos from the FCC listing of this vacuum. You can find this in one form over at FCCID.io via The Verge. This model will not necessarily look exactly the same once it's ready for full release on store shelves.

This model will likely be launched inside the United States later this year. It's not a lock – there's no absolute definite answer until Dyson makes an announcement, but an appearance with the FCC like this generally means we're going to see the product appear in stores in the near future.