Dyson recalling heaters over fire issue

Dyson, which just recently introduced its next-gen Air Multiplier, has had some bad luck with its heater version of the model. According to a recent statement by the company, a small unspecified number of its AM04 and AM05 heaters have short-circuited and resulted in a fire, prompting it to issue a recall.

The company didn't provide many details, saying only that the issue has resulted in a "small number" of known cases where a "small fire contained within the machine" resulted from whatever construction issue is at hand. The company says there are no instances of damage to person or property that have resulted.

The company is in the process of getting this sorted and as such a recall will take place "in the next few days", if all goes as expected. Those who have one of these heater models should head over to the company's Dyson Recall website and register to receive the official recall notice when it takes place.

This comes a month after Dyson was sued by Samsung, with the latter company saying it has taken a blow to its brand reputation over a patent infringement lawsuit by Dyson, which the South Korean company has called "groundless litigation." That legal spat is still ongoing.

VIA: Engadget