Dropbox outs Android beta with photo focus (but still no tablet UI)

Dropbox has given the bleeding-edge version of its Android app a photo-friendly polish, with improved image viewing and sharing tools as it attempts to become your all-in-one cloud and content management system. In an update to the beta version of the Android app, Dropbox has previewed the latest multimedia features: photos can be organized into albums which can then be shared.

Meanwhile, individual images can be shared, either on their own or in batches, and it's also possible to select multiple images for simultaneous deletion, too. There are also various bugfixes and tweaks to the usability, paving the way for a more stable version pushed out through the Play market.

Dropbox has also updated the UI of the app, though a tablet-specific version is still conspicuous by its absence. That's unsurprisingly not going down well with Android users, who have been watching with no small amount of envy as the iOS version for iPhone and iPad gets frequent updates.

You can download the Dropbox beta for Android here [apk link]; your device will need to have had non-Play app installs enabled. The app also includes an option to automatically update to the latest beta version, which can be turned on and off in the settings page.

[via Android Community]