DROID XYBOARD 10.1 and 8.2 in stores today at some Verizon locations

Though earlier today the word was that the online and pre-order sales for the newest Motorola tablet by the name of XYBOARD were the only thing starting today, with in-store sales starting Monday (the 12th), we've now come to find that in some stores across the USA the slates are already in stores ready for sales right this minute! This tablet line comes in two sizes, 8.2-inches and 10.1-inches, the latter providing a next generation for the original Honeycomb tablet in the Motorola XOOOM. These tablets are priced at $429.99 for the 8.2 and $529.99 for the 10.1 both on contract, with various other prices in place for different memory and contractual agreements.

For the XYBOARD 8.2, you have the choice of also picking one up with a 32GB built-in memory card for the upgraded price of $529.99, with this price and its 16GB version (listed above) bumping up to $599.99 and $699.99 at full retail price and activation required. For the 10.1-inch version of the tablet, there are three different built-in memory options, 16GB, 32, and 64, full retail prices (off-contract) coming in at $699.99, $799.99, and $899.99 respectively. We'll be going for the 32GB at $629.99 on contract or the 64GB for $729.99 on contract, but with a healthy "this seems sort of expensive" thought at the back of our minds.

This tablet selection is what Verizon is calling the "first 4G tablet worthy of the name DROID", and we'll be seeing how true that is SOON. Stay tuned to SlashGear to see full reviews of both of these tablets within the next week! Or if you're feeling frisky, head down to your local Verizon right this second to see if you're amongst the lucky to have a store that's jumped the gun and is offering the tablets up for sale right now!