Drobo NAS gets SDK for UPnP, Linux support and other tweaking

Data Robotics has released an SDK for their Drobo robotic RAID array.  The Drobo, which we reviewed in August last year, attempts to make backup and data redundancy straightforward by automating much of the RAID process; while it initially was intended for connection to a single PC, the company subsequently released a networking component called DroboShare.  With the SDK, Drobo can already be used for UPnP/DLNA media streaming.

It doesn't stop there, though.  Data Robotics are suggesting everything from iTunes music server functionality, through FTP and website hosting, to Eye-Fi support.  Also freshly available are apps to run the Drobo Dashboard monitoring software on Linux and for Windows to show Drobo as its actual size.

The SDK is a free download after registration, and developers can upload their creations to Data Robotics for hosting on their site.  There's no formal certification procedure, but the company will be checking to make sure everything works so that non-developers (which after all is a big chunk of Drobo's target audience) should be able to download safe in the knowledge that their painstaking backup won't be destroyed.

[via eHomeUpgrade]