Don't believe the Halo Infinite battle royale rumors you've been hearing

Yesterday, a new rumor about Halo Infinite started circulating. Specifically, this rumor claimed that Halo Infinite would have a battle royale mode when it launches at some unknown point in the future, which is somewhat easy to believe given just how popular battle royale games are. Unfortunately, those of you hoping for a Halo-themed battle royale are going to have to keep hoping, because apparently it's not happening in Halo Infinite.

That is, at least, what we're led to believe by a certain tweet from Brian Jarrard, who serves as 343 Industries' community director. "Nothing gets a post-holiday Monday going like fresh unfounded Halo Infinite rumors," Jarrard wrote. While he stops short of saying flat out that battle royale won't be in Halo Infinite, the tone of his tweet certainly gets the point across.

This isn't the first time rumors have claimed that battle royale will be in Halo Infinite. A couple of years back, when battle royale was one of the most popular things on the planet, we heard similar rumors and received a similar denial from 343 Industries. It seems like if battle royale was on tap for Halo Infinite, we would have heard about it on some sort of official level by now.

Originally scheduled to launch alongside the Xbox Series X in November, Halo Infinite was delayed after its big gameplay reveal missed the mark with fans. We don't have a new release date for Halo Infinite, and unfortunately for fans who are eager for an update on the game, it won't be coming at The Game Awards next week as many hoped it would.

A progress report on Halo Infinite may not be very far off, as Jarrard said in a subsequent tweet that 343 is working on a year-end update. So, fingers crossed that it isn't much longer before we hear more about Halo Infinite, just don't expect to see a battle royale reveal with that update.