There's bad Halo Infinite news for this year's Game Awards

The Xbox Series X released last week without what should have been its biggest launch title: Halo Infinite. Originally slated to launch alongside the Xbox Series X/S, Halo Infinite was instead delayed to some unknown point in the future, following a rather poor reaction to its gameplay reveal. In the time since that delay, fans have been waiting for more information about Halo Infinite while 343 Industries has been mostly quiet.

If you were hoping that we'd see more from Halo Infinite at The 2020 Game Awards, you might not want to get your hopes up. Fans on the Halo subreddit were apparently hoping for the same thing, but 343 community director Brian Jarrard has poured cold water on any talk of a Game Awards showing for Halo Infinite.

"Right now we're still going through the huge cascade of implications and ramifications to the release shift and the team is heads down working through nearly every facet of the game," Jarrard said on Reddit. "Full disclosure we don't have anything planned for the VGAs, but are hoping to offer at least a high level update within the next few weeks so we can kind of restart this journey together after the holidays."

Jarrard added that putting together some kind of demo or big trailer for the VGAs is "an enormous amount of work" and would "cause challenges with current milestones of the holidays." So, we won't see anything at the VGAs on December 10th, but it sounds like we might hear or see something about Halo Infinite at some point before the holidays.

It makes sense that Halo fans would hope to see something about Halo Infinite at The Game Awards, because that's typically the last big reveal show of the year. We'll see what happens from here, but if you're going to tune into The Game Awards on December 10th, don't expect to see Halo Infinite there.