Dodge “The Ultimate Last Chance” auction racked up $1 Million for charity

Shane McGlaun - Jun 27, 2018, 7:45 am CDT
Dodge “The Ultimate Last Chance” auction racked up $1 Million for charity

Back in April, we talked about an awesome charity auction that Dodge was sponsoring. The auction was called “The Ultimate Last Chance” auction and it had as a pair the very last Dodge Viper and the very last Challenger SRT Demon to be produced. The cars crossed the auction block at the Barrett-Jackson auction last weekend.

All the proceeds for the auction were donated to the United Way. Dodge says that the cars sold for the princely sum of $1 million. Dodge says that the bidding was “spirited” and that the 1,485hp for sale resulted in 100% of the money being given to charity. When the hammer fell, the two cars racked up the highest sales price for the four-day auction.

The two cars wore the same Viper Red paint color that was only offered from the factory on the Viper. The Challenger Demon was repainted to that red hue after being made from the factory in black. The Viper packs an 8.4L V10 engine and was painted and optioned as a throwback to the original Viper RT/10.

Both cars have special VIN instrument panel badges. The auction also included custom build sheets, authenticity letters, certification cards, iPads with videos and photos, and other custom branded items.

Rumors had swirled that the Viper might be coming back without its trademark V10 engine and at a lower price. Since those rumors first surfaced water has been thrown on them by the FCA CEO who noted that the last car didn’t sell well enough for a new version to be made.


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