DJI event sure to bring Mavic and/or Mini action this week

Today DJI revealed that they'd be running an event this week where they'll reveal a new drone. Part of the event seems to be focused on the DJI Store APP, which is available for Android and iOS devices now. The image used for this event is... not helpful. It features three boys holding an oversized paper airplane, walking in a desert near a sign that says DON'T PANIC. That's almost certainly a reference to the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which also features the words DON'T PANIC printed in large bold letters on its front.

Chances are we've already seen the vast majority of the contents of the event that'll take place this week. DJI leaks suggested that the event will contain information about the DJI Mini 2. This next-generation drone was already leaked in a massive accidental sale, followed by an unboxing and video action... and a leak of the press photos for the drone to boot.

But, assuming we do not know about the entirety of the action DJI will share, we're crossing our fingers for something extra exciting. What better time to launch a new drone than during the world's largest quarantine? Maybe we'll get some DJI Mavic Air 2 software feature upgrades, too.

Take a peek at the DJI Mini 2 unboxing to get a better idea of what'll likely be the headline device for this event. Additional details, like a 31-minute battery, can be found in the second major leak that occurred last week.

The DJI event will take place November 4, 2020, and we'll be sure to bring you the whole of the contents from start to finish. The event on November 4 will begin at 8PM EST, and it'll probably last an hour or less. Or it'll be an infomercial-type event and it'll last about a half-hour. Either way, we'll be ready to cover the lot!