Destiny Public Beta release: details and PS4 drop

Chris Burns - Jul 16, 2014
Destiny Public Beta release: details and PS4 drop

On the morning of July 17th at approximately 11AM PST, we’ll begin seeing keys sent out for the Public Beta for Destiny. This game will be playable starting on the 17th by the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, while the Xbox One and Xbox 360 will have to wait until the 23rd of this month. Destiny Beta for the Xbox One will come in at around 12.63GB – massive – and we expect the PS4 version to deliver something similar.

Beta Content

The Beta will be bigger than the Alpha. Testing more than just a couple of maps and kinds of gameplay, the Beta will roll out with four story chapters, four multiplayer maps, and “a huge world to explore with your own unique Guardian.”

We must assume that this means an expansion to what you’re seeing above. This area appeared in the Alpha, showing what Guardians will be doing in their off-time: buying and upgrading.

Beta Co-op and Streaming

A new mode of cooperative multiplayer will be appearing with this game: cooperative Strike. This will engage players in a team battle not unlike what we’ve seen in the co-op storyline mode, with an objective set clear for all players involved.

At this time Beta gameplay uploaded by Xbox One users is being taken down by Bungie, so we’d suggest holding off streaming until the go-ahead is given. Don’t want to risk getting kicked entirely!


While it’s been suggested by Bungie that progress may or may not be saved during gameplay in Beta, we’d bet for the latter. It makes such little sense to save progress in a game that’s a test that we’d be dumbstruck to find any collecting of items or accomplishments saved through to final release.

Watch live video from BurnsyDelight on

That said – let’s to it! You can find us streaming off and on through BurnsyDelight on Twitch as soon as we’ve got our keys set up starting tonight! Let us know who you are and where we can access you – privately or publicly, whatever you like.

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