Deoxys Pokemon GO raid tricks and types to avoid

Raid Boss Deoxys in Pokemon GO is one of the beefiest Pokemon in the game when it comes to defending its turf. We took a look at the Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO when going up against Deoxys of several sorts earlier this week. Now we're looking at which tricks and selections of monsters you'll want to avoid. Pokemon that worked against Mewtwo won't necessarily work against every form of Deoxys!

Normal Form Deoxys

Normal Deoxys has blunt objects where its ears might otherwise be – this is one of four different kinds of Deoxys. This Normal Form Deoxys has two potential Fast Moves: Charge Beam (electric type) or Zen Headbutt (psychic). Charged moves for this Normal Deoxys are Hyper Beam (normal), Zap Cannon (eletric), or Psycho Boost (psychic).

The only move that Deoxys has with no types against which it is "super effective" is Hyper Beam. Both Charge Beam and Zap Cannon are super effective against Flying and Water type Pokemon. Both Zen Headbutt and Psycho Boost are super effective against Fighting and Poison type Pokemon.

So, since there's a very, very good chance that this Pokemon will have moves that are super effective against Flying, Water, Fighting, and/or Poison, you'll want to avoid Pokemon with those types. All four versions of Deoxys are strong against Fighting and Poison in general, too!

Attack Form Deoxys

Attack form Deoxys is the only one with both pointy ears and a spike at the top of its head. This Pokemon has Zen Headbutt or Poison Jab (psychic or poison) for quick moves and Zap Cannon (lightning), Dark Pulse (dark), or Psycho Boost (psychic) for charged moves. Avoid Fighting and Poison Pokemon for sure – then Grass and Fairy types if you can help it.

Speed Form Deoxys

The Speed version of Deoxys has two big sharp ears and no center head spike. This Pokemon has Charge Beam (electric) or Zen Headbutt (psychic) for fast moves and Thunderbolt (lightning), Swift (normal), or Psycho Boost (psychic) for charged moves.

Avoid Fighting, Poison, Flying, and Water type Pokemon when fighting the Speed Deoxys. There's also a 1-in-3 chance this Deoxys has Swift, which is super effective against Ghost and Psychic Pokemon.

Defense Form Deoxys

This is the Deoxys with no ear-shaped-appendages at all. It looks like Juggernaut – and for a good reason! This is (per the name) the Deoxys with the most base-level defense at a whopping 330! This Pokemon's moves are Zen Headbutt (psychic) or Counter (fighting), and charged is Thunderbolt (lightning), Rock Slide (rock), or Psycho Boost (psychic).

Above all, avoid Fighting and Poison Pokemon, by also consider staying away from Flying types – both Thunderbolt and Rock Slide do heavy damage to Flying Pokemon!

More to learn on Deoxys

If you'd like to learn more about what works against ALL forms of Deoxys, head to our Deoxys guide update for raid counters. You'll also find information on the best movesets against this monster – and its weaknesses, too!