Dell Streak $550 price posted then pulled

Looks like whoever's running Dell's servers needs to drink less coffee.  After first announcing that the 5-inch Dell Streak Android tablet would go on sale today – and then telling us that it was a mistake caused by some "site tests"  - the company then revealed pricing in a new blog post, only to yank that.  Unfortunately, once something is out on the internet it's tough to get it back in, and so we now have a pretty good idea that the Streak will cost $549.99 from Dell themselves, unlocked and contract-free, or $299.99 from AT&T with a new, two-year agreement.

The company's presale scheme has also ended, replaced by a notification system that will update you when there's more Streak information available.  It also looks like the product page has been fleshed out a little, and that still says the Streak will go on sale in late July – there certainly aren't many days left for that to happen, but we've heard that the smartphone-tablet is still yet to clear AT&T's certification process.

More details on the Streak in our full review.

[Thanks Patrick!]