Dell Mini 9 netbook white casing now no-cost option

Dell have responded to customer criticism and dropped the premium pricing it placed on the Alpine White version of its Inspiron Mini 9 netbook.  The netbook, which begins at $349, originally had the glossy white casing as a $25 upgrade; that's now been flattened so that black or white will cost the same.

It's a small point, but considering the whole idea of netbooks is meant to be their budget pricing, it makes a difference.  Now, of course, it's up to Dell to introduce some more color options if they want to catch up with ASUS and others.

The Inspiron Mini 9 has been performing well in recent reviews, and there's a 3G WWAN option fast approaching.  It's also found some favor with modders, who prize its upgrade flexibility.

[thanks Sarah!]