Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Service Manual suggests straightforward mods

Chris Davies - Sep 5, 2008

While we first flagged up the Inspiron Mini 9‘s upgrade potential earlier this week, Dell have gone one stage further and posted the netbook’s service manual on their site.  Diagrams explain how to dismantle the budget ultraportable, flagging up key components such as the SSD and Bluetooth, as well as highlighting screws and latches.

The Mini 9 appears to have a WWAN antenna preinstalled, even if the WWAN card – not in fact currently available – is not specified at time of order.  There’s also some controversy about what type of SSD Dell are fitting; the manual indicates an older, slower unit from Intel, while other reports – such as pre-production reviews – are stating it’s a faster STEC SSD.

Dell seem to be actively encouraging modification of the Mini 9, with little soldering of main components and room left over for added extras.  Increasing the onboard storage and adding WWAN is likely to be the first assault on the netbook, both of which would seem relatively straightforward.

[via jkkmobile]

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