Dell Mini 3i Android phone confirmed for US launch?

Dell swore blind that their first Android device – the Dell Mini 3i – was a China-only device that was more proof-of-concept than anything else, but according to CrunchGear they've been telling us porkies.  Their source has apparently confirmed that Dell are working on a US version of the Mini 3i, with boosted hardware, a better quality casing and more megapixels than the China Mobile version's 3MP shooter.

They've also heard that Dell will be doing some serious hacking to the Android stack, with various libraries from the open-source OS either modified or missing altogether.  The tipster claims that some apps won't run on the US Mini 3i, though it's unclear whether that's in reference to the "with Google" software that demands handset manufacturers deliver an untampered, unfettered Android build.

Presumably Dell will also be updating the Mini 3i's radios, since the Chinese version has only 2G and not 3G or WiFi.  No word, either, on whether the iPhone-style UI will make it across the ocean either.