Dell Latitude XT dropped, tossed, soaked & run-over in the name of stress testing

If the Samsung SSD drop test video set you shivering, we've another test video that might similarly affect you.  Pelias Mobile seem to have taken an abject dislike to a Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC, and so they run it through an array of increasingly extreme tests.  The Latitude XT first takes a tumble onto grass, then onto gravel, before cleaning up with a quick shower before being run over by a car.Full testing video after the cut

The XT does surprisingly well, surviving all manner of drop tests onto grass and gravel, as well as being run over by the car.  In fact, ironically, it's an unscheduled stress test that actually does it in: the airline Norwegian Air, whose baggage treatment leave the Tablet PC with a heavily damaged display.

If you're looking to protect your gadgets, you could do a lot worse than an Otterbox case.  Back in August 2006, Vincent tested out their rugged laptop case by running it over with a Toyota 4Runner.

[via GottaBeMobile]