Deadpool is running for president

Chris Burns - Jan 29, 2016, 12:22 pm CST
Deadpool is running for president

The Marvel Comics character Deadpool is running for “El Presidente” to be more specific, complete with his own SuperPac. Announced this afternoon by Fox is the fact that Deadpool (a fictional character, we must remind you) is “officially exploring a run for President. They’ve suggested that a SuperPac is also now in effect under the name “Weapon X-ers for Progress.” They suggest that this SuperPac is “totally unaffiliated with Mr. Pool – as is often the case with SuperPacs and the candidates they support.

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According to the release, Deadpool “probably inhaled” and is a “community dis-organizer.” Further, the release suggests that Deadpool “takes millions from wealthy ‘donors’ to carry out their dirty work both here and abroad.” Deadpool is “not afraid of elephants or donkeys” but ads: “cats, maybe”.

The release also suggests that “Deadpool ‘gets’ ‘social’ ‘media'” so don’t worry about him reaching the youth audience.

This is just the latest in a line of off-the-wall promotions from Fox to promote the release of the film Deadpool (2016) that won’t be ending any time soon.

Below you’ll see a video released by the same crew that supports the checking of male bits for testicular cancer.

Serious business, perfect delivery vehicle.

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