Deadpool's tiniest Easter Egg

Film producer Aditya Sood revealed a tidbit of a connection between two of the movies he's worked on very recently: The Martian and Deadpool. At a press event for the home format release (DVD, Blu-ray, digital) of The Martian, Sood was asked about the long-awaited Marvel Comics title Deadpool. What were the differences between getting a little-known book (pre-big-publisher) turned into a major motion picture, and Deadpool, a film that's been notorious in its pre-production time – years and years and years on deck or below it? Sood answered indirectly.

Generally asking about one film at a junket for another is a bit of a faux pas, but with this one man behind two films with such extremely different creation stories, the question had to be asked. While Sood didn't answer the question at hand, so to speak, we did hear how the two films had a connection beyond having the same producer.

"I want to stick to the Martian, but I will just say, I think that there's a lot of – I think that they are very different movies, but there is an anarchic spirit at the core of both of those movies that ah..."

Sood seemed to be deciding weather or not to reveal a super secret tiny bit of information about the super-hero film.

"Turns out Andy Weir is a gigantic Deadpool fan," said Sood, "and he was more excited when I told him I was working on Deadpool than maybe when I told him we were working on The Martian."

Sood laughed – "no, that's not true. He was pretty excited about The Martian."

"And there is a tiny Easter Egg in Deadpool that, unfortunately I don't think is going to be in the final cut but I did get a copy of The Martian put in Wade's apartment, so – if you're an Eagle Eye you might be able to spot it."

*Andy Weir is the writer of the novel The Martian. He created the book with the help of thousands of space buffs via the internet, constructing the book over a period of years, then releasing it without a production company, finding a fan in Sood before Weir attained a deal with a book publisher. In the time the film took to be made, the book became an international best seller – then the movie was released this October, and the rest is history.

Now we'll wait for Deadpool to see the bounding space man-covered novel in Wade Wilson's abode, too.