Dead Rising 3 Review

With the release of the third installment of the Dead Rising series we were told we'd see a whole new door opened for not only the series, but the zombie-crunching genre as well. Seeing the game in all the biggest Xbox One advertisements was no small deterrent to the idea that this would be one of the games to watch with the launch of the console, and once we got down to business, it was almost instantly proven. Dead Rising 3 is easily one of the finest games on the Xbox One today.

Taking as much advantage of the abilities given to developers for this console as we've seen developers take thus far, the folks behind Dead Rising 3 have created a zombie nightmare that's far less terrifying than it is entertaining. Here the game takes the console's full processing ability and jams it into the zombie-producer. There are so many zombies in this game that you'll find yourself itching to stand up and run.

Above you're getting just a taste of what it's like to dive into this blood-filled landscape, captured the very first time we played the game. This should serve as a good demonstration of how easy it is to get into the game right off the bat while it shows the visual depth offered throughout the game.

Once you get the swing of things, you'll find yourself aiming for the finest weapons, of course, rolling with the first – and perhaps most classic and iconic of the game – combination circle-saw and sledgehammer. While we're not so certain such a weapon would be nearly as effective in real life, here we're glad to take part.

Once you dive in to the most recent push in this game you'll also find that it's not just all about survival. The entertainment aspect of this game edges in on the likes of Saint's Row, it's got so many costumes, vehicles, and weapons. Have a peek at this teaser for "Nick or Treat" and you'll see what you're diving into.

You're rolling out with Nick, if you didn't figure it out already, a decidedly average fellow with an aim to save the world, starting with Los Perdidos. This city takes heavy cues from Los Angeles, California, of course, and makes for one realistic dive into the likes of a real overrun cityscape.

Those of you that've never played a Dead Rising game before, you're in for a real treat. Though quite a few elements from past releases do appear, this push makes for one whallop of a new title, ready for new viewers to dive in with only a taste for undead blood. Try to step backwards into the series and you'll find alternate visions, as well, mind you – a brighter vision awaits you in Dead Rising 2.

But here you've gotten the full-on highest-level zombie game massacre we've seen yet, on any platform. Now we've only to wait to see how much it improves with each successive update. It's already well worth the cash right off the bat. And there's a demo you can play on the Xbox One right this minute as well – have at it!