Deactivate Facebook Home in one tap: step-by-step

Chris Burns - Apr 6, 2013, 4:31 pm CDT
Deactivate Facebook Home in one tap: step-by-step

If you’re thinking about picking up an HTC first device on the 12th of April, you might want to consider turning Facebook Home off. But why would I want to turn off the system that’s selling the smartphone, you might ask? Because there’s a completely clean Android Jelly Bean under that Facebook Home skin, that’s why! It’s time to deactivate Facebook Home before you even take the time to use it!

All you’ve got to do inside your HTC first is head to the separate app called Facebook Settings first. From there it’s the very first option on the list – the very first! The option there is to “Turn Off Facebook Home” – click it and bam! You’ve got an entirely Vanilla experience on your smartphone. Wasn’t that easy?

This means you’ll be rolling out with a Facebook Phone if you like – or a completely clean Android smartphone with Jelly Bean with a single click. Isn’t it strange that you’re able to get to a completely non-Facebook experience so easily inside this smartphone marketed as a completely Facebook Home experience? It’s as if HTC wanted you to be able to roll with no Facebook right out of the box – how about that?

Have a peek at our timeline of HTC first posts and be sure to stick to the Facebook Home tag portal for more information on this monstrous push by Facebook to take over your smartphone. Be sure especially to see the HTC first vs HTC M4 guide we’ve whipped up earlier this week – more HTC on the horizon for us all!

[via Android Community]

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