David Brown Automotive's Mini Remastered Oselli Edition is packing a 125HP engine

British automaker David Brown Automotive (DBA) is riding the retro bandwagon with its latest masterpiece. The Mini Remastered Oselli Edition is a restomod version of the original Mini from the 1960s. Created in collaboration with performance vehicle specialist Oselli, the newest Mini Remastered gains a new and more powerful engine and a healthy dose of performance-enhancing updates.

The Mini Remastered has a newly-developed 1.5-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine with twin carburetors, pumping out a healthy 125 horsepower and 113 pound-feet of torque. For context, the original Mini has a tiny 848cc four-banger with only 34 horsepower, while a 2022 Mini Hardtop has a turbocharged three-cylinder engine with 134 horsepower.

So yeah, DBA and Oselli's Mini Remastered is a vibrant classic car. DBA claims zero to 60 mph in 7.8-seconds courtesy of redesigned five-speed manual transmission turning the front wheels. It has four-piston AP racing front calipers and aluminum drums in the rear for stronger stopping power. Meanwhile, tighter handling is courtesy of Bilstein shock absorbers on all four corners.

Meanwhile, it also gets a free-flowing exhaust system that growls more prominently than a vintage Mini. The old-school style gets a modern treatment with LED headlights, a mesh front grille, and new driving lights. Making it stand out are racing stripes, blacked-out exterior accents, and 13-inch alloy wheels, the latter you can get in gold or graphite.

The cabin is the same ol' Mini with new updates like sport seats, a Sabelt steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara, power windows, air conditioning, USB ports, and a Pioneer audio system with Bluetooth connectivity. In short, it's pretty much the old Mini we all want, but it has more power and modern interior accouterments.

David Brown Automotive is only building 60 units of the Mini Remastered Oselli Edition. Pricing is forthcoming, but you should expect a six-figure price tag for a car like this, especially considering that DBA takes at least 1,000 hours to build a single Mini Remastered model. DBA claims the first deliveries are arriving in early 2022.

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