'Dark Web' movie about Silk Road being written by the Coen brothers

The last few years of investigations into the Silk Road — the network of black market websites where sales of drugs, weapons, and much more took place — along with the conviction of its founder Ross Ulbricht, are getting the Hollywood movie treatment thanks to Fox. The film is currently dubbed — wait for it — Dark Web, and none other than the Coen brothers, the duo behind acclaimed hits Fargo, No Country for Old Men, and more, have been tapped to write the screenplay.Hollywood Reporter was the first to reveal the Coen brothers' involvement, but it's still unknown if they will also be directing the movie. It's also unclear if they are revising an early draft of the Dark Web script that was already written, or if they're taking over and starting fresh.

The feature film will be an adaptation of Wired's two-part investigation feature from 2015. The series goes in-depth into the Silk Road and founder Ulbricht, who was charged with crimes including drug trafficking, computer hacking, money laundering, and even putting a hit out on several people. It also covers the federal agent participating in the investigation that was discovered to be stealing some $800,000 in Bitcoins from the marketplace and selling information, eventually getting caught and going to prison himself.

In other words, it all adds up to be the perfect crime thriller material for a great Coen brothers script. Sadly there's still no word on things like casting, when shooting will begin, or when the movie might be completed, so it might still be some time before Dark Web hits the theaters.

SOURCE Hollywood Reporter