Dallara Stradale EXP is ready to race

You probably know Dallara from its Stradale sports car unveiled a few years back. Now, the Italian boutique automaker is introducing a more extreme version of the Stradale. The Stradale EXP stands for many definitions: EXPeriment, EXPonential, EXPertise. Dallara claims the EXP has achieved faster lap times than most GT3 racing cars around Mugello, and that's a bold claim.

However, Stradale EXP has the meat to back up those almighty merits. The EXP version comes with a roofless design and a more aggressive aero package highlighted by that gigantic rear wing. It also has a redesigned front splitter, massive dive planes, and a custom rear diffuser, enough to generate up to 2,755 pounds (1,250 kg) of downforce at its top speed of 180 mph.

We don't know about you, but zipping past 180 mph in a roofless sports car is akin to being strapped to a land-bound rocket ship. Dallara's latest Stradale EXP does not have rocket thrusters, but it does have a mid-mounted and supercharged 2.3-liter inline-four engine pumping out 492 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque.

It may not sound enough, but Stradale EXP only weighs 1,962 pounds (890 kg). Dallara has yet to release the actual speed numbers, but the EXP produces 2.7g of lateral acceleration, enough to pound your inner organs into pulp.

And if it's any consolation, Stradale EXP has 92 more horsepower and 127 more torques than a roadgoing Stradale. When it debuted in 2017, Dallara claims zero to 60 mph in 3.45-seconds for the road-legal Stradale. With 92 more horses and more torque, we reckon the EXP model can do the same in under three seconds, making it blindingly quick.

But whereas the Stradale is available with a manual or robotized gearbox, the EXP only comes with a six-speed sequential shifter. It has automatic and manual modes and Normal and Sport driving programs to transfer every bit of engine power to the rear wheels.

If you already have a Stradale, Dallara can upgrade your vehicle to an EXP for a marginal fee, but the process is reversible if you get tired of thrashing other sports cars on the track. However, prepare to shell out at least $200,000 if you want a factory-fresh Dallara Stradale EXP.