D-Link Cloud Camera 5000 hands-on

The folks at D-Link have both revealed and shown off the Cloud Camera 5000, a ball on a pedestal with the code-name DCS-5222L with full pan and tilt capabilities and automatic day and night viewing. You'll be recording all of your best friends with the loving friendliness of a full moving camera which allows you "peace of mind" as they say all night and day. You can record 340 degrees and 170 degrees and will be able to control the camera from mydlink.com as well as iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Have a peek at this device right here in the video and let us know if this is something you'd be wanting to use in the very near future to watch over your household. You've got to take into account that your smartphone, the device you've got on you each and every day, will be able to control and feed information back to you whenever you like. Internal antennas, 11n wireless connectivity, and H.264 enhanced video compression will aid you on your way.

As a sort of bonus, this device contains both an internal microphone and a speaker so you can both listen in on the immediate area and project your voice to speak to whoever might want to hear. You've got 720p video, easy setup Wireless 802.11n compliant and Wi-Fi Protected (WPS) button, and of course the ability to record directly to a microSD card. Check out the rest of our on-site CES 2012 coverage with our CES Live tag – get it all!