Czinger 21C production specs unveiled: 3D-printed hybrid hypercar has 1233HP and 281MPH top speed

California-based startup Czinger has finally revealed the production specs of its 21C hybrid hypercar. We know a few bits and bobs about the 21C since Czinger debuted its first creation in Geneva last year. We knew it'd go from zero to 60 mph in 1.9-seconds (a number rivaled only by the Tesla Model S Plaid) courtesy of a hybrid powertrain, and we like its innovative tandem seating arrangement.

And now, Czinger has unveiled more crucial details. The 21C has an in-house developed 2.88-liter twin-turbocharged flat-crank V8 at the back and two high-output electric motors in the front, pumping out a combined 1,250 horsepower with the gas engine revving to an astronomical 11,000 rpm redline.

Czinger will offer a 100-horsepower upgrade, raising the output to 1,350 horsepower. The powertrain has a lightweight seven-speed automated manual gearbox. Czinger claims its proprietary gasoline V8 motor is the world's most power-dense production internal combustion motor. At the same time, each e-motor in the front wheels offers torque vectoring capabilities to deliver sharper handling.

The motors draw power from an 800V electrical architecture with regenerative functionalities. Meanwhile, the unspecified battery pack can also charge via a Motor Generator Unit (MGU) attached to the high-revving gasoline engine.

The unique tandem seating arrangement remains (like in a jet fighter), and Czinger claims the 21C will weigh no more than 1240kg (2,733 lbs) through the use of featherweight 3D-printed body panels and components. In its Low Drag configuration, the 21C has a maximum top speed of 281 mph and goes from zero to 60 mph in 1.9-seconds; zero to 186 mph in 8.5-seconds; and zero to 248 mph in 21.3-seconds.

Also, it goes from zero to 248mph to zero in 27.1-seconds, quicker than a Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Regera. But in its High Downforce configuration, the 21C can produce 650kg of downforce at 100mph and up to 2,500kg at 200 mph.

Based on those numbers, the Czinger 21C is a world-beating hypercar with a conscience. Czinger is only making 80 units of 21C with base prices starting at $1.7-million plus taxes. Each car will be meticulously hand-assembled and hand-finished at Czinger's manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, California, with each vehicle taking over 3,000 person-hours to finish. The 21C is 50-state legal and can be legally sold in Europe, as well.