Cyberpunk 2077 update 1.2 patch notes are here and they're huge

Cyberpunk 2077 owners have faced a longer-than-expected wait for the game's version 1.2 update, but now that patch is finally on the horizon. While CD Projekt Red hasn't revealed a release date for the update yet, it did today publish a list of patch notes for it. The list is very long, though CD Projekt Red suggests that these aren't even all the changes and fixes that are shipping along with update 1.2.

Indeed, CD Projekt Red says that this list of patch notes contains "the most notable changes coming in this update," so it sounds like we can expect more than what's listed here. The patch notes are split into several different sections: Gameplay; Quests; Open World; Cinematic Design; Environment and Levels; Graphics, Audio, Animation; UI; Stability and Performance; Miscellaneous; PC-specific; and Console-specific.

It's impossible to detail every little change here – and in fact anyone who sets out to read these patch notes in full will be committing a lot of time to the task – but one section Cyberpunk 2077 players may want to check out first is the "Stability and Performance" one. Here, CD Projekt Red says that it has listed a number of optimizations that are shipping out to all platforms, but notes that many of them will make the biggest difference on last-gen consoles and underpowered PCs.

There are a number of changes in there that have been implemented to reduce the number of random crashes, along with optimizations for various systems like shadows, shaders, and physics. The changes CD Projekt Red teased a couple of weeks back are all present and accounted for here, and there also seem to be a number of quest-related fixes that quash issues which could block progression. Indeed, the "Quests" section is the longest one, so if you've been having issues with a certain quest – or quests – then it's worth combing through that section to see if a fix is contained in this update.

This is the second of two major updates CD Projekt Red committed to following Cyberpunk 2077's disappointing launch, though update 1.2 is arriving a little later than expected thanks to a ransomware attack in which hackers infiltrated CD Projekt's servers and made off with a bunch of internal documents. We don't have a specific timeframe for the rollout of update 1.2 yet, but the arrival of these patch notes indicates that the update is right around the corner. We'll let you know when CD Projekt Red gives a specific date and time for the rollout of this update, so stay tuned.