Here are four major fixes in Cyberpunk 2077's incoming version 1.2 update

At some point in the near future, CD Projekt Red plans to ship out Cyberpunk 2077's version 1.2 update. This is the second of two big patches that will fix some major issues with the game, and today, CD Projekt Red revealed a few of the fixes that will be coming along with it. While what CD Projekt Red announced today should be just a taste of the update as a whole, the fixes that were detailed are definitely some major ones players have been waiting on.

The four fixes were revealed today in a 1.2 Development Insight blog post on the Cyberpunk 2077 website. The lengthy blog post is written as if it were an in-universe news report from N54 News, so it can be a little difficult to parse what CD Projekt Red is talking about. Thankfully, the developer previewed all of these fixes in individual videos, which you can see embedded throughout this article.

The first major fix that's shipping with the 1.2 update will change how quickly police appear after players commit crimes. Previously, police would spawn in at the scene of a crime the second it was committed, but this patch will make their response quite a bit more realistic – thereby giving the player a chance to evade a gunfight with them.

There will also be some fixes centered around driving. Players will have new steering sensitivity options that should make driving through Night City much more manageable. We're sure that's going to be a very welcome change as driving was often an exercise in frustration in Cyberpunk 2077.

In addition, in the event that players get vehicles stuck on the world's geometry, they'll have a way to get them unstuck. Players will be able to rotate and rock their vehicles to get all four wheels back on level ground, so if you've ever gotten a cool car stuck somewhere and had to leave it behind, hopefully that'll be a thing of the past after this update lands.

Finally, CD projekt Red will be implementing a new toggle that will allow players to turn off dodging on movement keys. There have been plenty of complaints from players who have done unintentional dodges during battle when they were instead trying to make short movements in quick succession, so we're guessing this will be a welcome change as well.

The 1.2 update was originally slated to release in February, but following a security breach at CD Projekt Red in which hackers made off which a bunch of internal company documents and the source code to a number of games, the studio had to push back its release timeline. The company is now targeting a release for the second half of March, which means that the update should be arriving very soon. We'll let you know when CD Projekt Red announcements more, so stay tuned.