CyanogenMod teases Oppo N1 team-up ahead of launch

There's a big possibility we'll be seeing the smartphone brand known as Oppo take center stage in the smartphone universe soon – at least in the developer an hacker circuit for Android. What we've seen today is an announcement by CyanogenMod's own Steve Kondik saying that he'll be excited to attend the Oppo N1 launch event in Beijing, adding "we have exciting news ahead." This, of course, was followed by a shortened Inception BWOOOM to emphasize the importance of the possibilities they have in store together.

The Oppo N1 is set to out-do the current model Oppo Find 5 with what's more than likely going to be another multi-core processor, next-generation camera system, and sizeable display. Under the hood you'll find Android. We had the opportunity bring you an Oppo Find 5 full review earlier this year, and based solely on the quality of that machine in the wild, we're more than excited to see what CyanogenMod will be bringing to the party.

CyanogenMod is a company now – did you know? This week they announced that they'd secured 7 million dollars in funding from investors that were excited to see them disrupt the smartphone universe. While they've not made any solid announcements thus far about hardware they'd be hitting, it's a safe bet they'll be making things a bit more clear in the very near future.

Meanwhile they've suggested a tool to be coming out imminently that will make the process of hacking one's smartphone and installing CyanogenMod a whole lot easier than it is today. They've suggested that they'll be releasing this tool as a simple app for Android devices, and that basically anyone will be able to use it. You'll want to get your knowledge up on CyanogenMod as soon as possible if you're to watch this epic set of events play out in full color!