Creative Zii FCC report released: full breakdown & manual

Chris Davies - Aug 6, 2009
Creative Zii FCC report released: full breakdown & manual

Creative’s Zii has now made a full appearance at the FCC, complete with break-down images and a user guide.  The document refers to the device – which uses Creative’s new ZMD 05 Plaszma module – as the Zii and not the Zii EGG, the developer edition, and that along with the language of the user guide has led to suggestions that this could in fact be the upcoming consumer version of the device.

The text on the back of the unit itself also suggests that, reading Zii rather than Zii EGG; the developer editions seen so far have had EGG branding.  In the user manual, the proprietary dock connector is shown, complete with cables to connect the Zii to an HDTV via A/V connectors.

Inside there’s what looks to be a non-user-replaceable 1,200mAh battery.  The Zii EGG developer model is available to order now, priced at around $400 with a copy of the SDK; Creative are yet to publicly confirm when the first commercial version might reach the market.

[via epiZENter]

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