Corvette ZR1 performance specs announced at Sebring

The new Chevy Corvette ZR1 was on hand at Sebring recently along with Corvette Project Manager Harlan Charles. Charles spent some time talking about the ZR1 at the event and even started the car up and revved it a bit for us to hear on video. The performance specs for the new ZR1 are very impressive and have been confirmed by Charles himself.

Charles said that the ZR1 will sprint from 0-60 mph in 2.85 seconds and reach 100mph in 6-seconds. Both of those times are very impressive. Another impressive bit of statistics is that the box stock 2019 Corvette ZR1 will blitz the quarter-mile in 10.6-seconds at 134 mph.

The car certainly sounds good revving and looks as if it is meant to go around a road course with lots of aero. Supercharged cars and road courses don't always mix well. That said, Chevy has already used the ZR1 to destroy the Virginia International Raceway lap record. You can see a video of that run below, underneath the video of the ZR1 revving at Sebring.

As you might expect, this top of the line Corvette won't be cheap. The ZR1 Coupe will start at $119,995 with the 7-speed manual. The paddle-shift 8-speed auto needed for the best performance will cost more. Some of the aero tidbits seen on the grey car in the video are optional, the stock low wing package enables the highest top speed.

Adding another $2,995 onto the price gets that high wing seen here, stickier tires and new front splitter. The ZR1 convertible starts at $123,995 with destination and offers all the same options. The first production 2019 ZR1 sold for $925,000 at auction.

SOURCE: Corvette Blogger