Cortana on Android: Q&A session

Over the weekend the APK (application file) for Cortana was leaked to the public for Android. This version of the app is not final, nor should it be assumed that all of its abilities are finalized. What we're doing today is taking a peek at what Cortana can do in the way of answering a variety of inane questions – just as most people do when they realize they can speak to their phone and have it speak back with a realistic humanoid voice.

So we've called up the most recent (pre-release, please remember that constantly) version of Cortana for Android, and we've begun asking it questions. Throughout this session please feel free to ask your own questions so that we might also ask Cortana on Android. We're sure she'll be more than happy to speak up in reply.

First you'll see how Cortana loves cats. Cortana also might like dogs, but does not understand when I say dogs. Instead she feels the need to suggest that I've said "dawgs" instead.

Cortana is not about to go to battle with its closest competitor here on Android. She's not even going to speak about it, or acknowledge it.

She's prepared to set an alarm for you – though we've still to test wether or not this connection works as yet. She's also ready to tell some jokes. Whenever you ask a question Cortana isn't prepared to answer directly, she'll consult Bing.

If you ask Cortana three questions to get across a rickety bridge, the same bridge the Knights of the Round table are asked in Monty Python and The Hold Grail, she'll respond accordingly.

Cortana reveals that the voice in her head that speaks is Jen Taylor. Also she suggests we go see Trainwreck this weekend.

Let us know what else you'd like us to ask the Android version of Cortana. For now it would appear that she's getting close – if not almost right on the button – to what we're able to access with the Cortana on our build of Windows 10 and the Windows Phone 10 preview for Windows Phone devices.

Also have a peek at the time we loaded Cortana to a BlackBerry device.