Corning Analyst: 180 Million Tablets Sold, 2014

The tablet market is poised for a meteoric jolt towards ubiquity. It's hard to look at all the sweet new tablets due out this year and expect anything but growth for the form-factor. But the folks at Corning are actually in a position to know about the growth of this market- they make Gorilla Glass.

Corning expects the number of tablets using cover glass to quadruple over the next four years. Total tablet sales are estimated to leap from 20 million units (2010) to 180 million units in 2014. An 800% increase over the next four years. Tablet PCs are already the driving force for growth in the PC industry. 7.33 million iPads sold in Q4 of 2010, and the market doesn't appear to be slowing down.

[Via All Things D]