Cook said to confirm Apple Watch is showerproof, lasts a day

JC Torres - Feb 26, 2015, 4:30am CST
Cook said to confirm Apple Watch is showerproof, lasts a day

We’re just two months away from the Apple Watch launch and things still seem not to be set in stone. Some new features or misfeatures about Apple‘s first wearable foray are still coming in. For this round, the source is supposedly none other than CEO Tim Cook himself. Speaking to a crowd of Apple employees at a flagship store in Berlin, Cook was said to have given some good news for worried would be Apple Watch owners: the smartwatch is resistant enough to use in the shower.

To be exact, what the executive supposedly said was that he uses it everywhere, even in the shower. We presume that it is a subtle confirmation that the Apple Watch will be more rugged that first thought. This would perhaps allay the worries of some over the device’s “water resistant” only properties. Especially in a time where other smartwatches (read: Android Wear) are boasting IP67 ratings.

The one place that Tim Cook doesn’t take his Apple Watch to is apparently his bed. And it’s not for the lack of would be activity or sleep tracking apps. The CEO admits that he does charge it every night. That’s not surprising considering Apple itself said that the Apple Watch would have enough battery to last you a day. That, however, might exclude the wearable from night activities, like sleep tracking. It might also not satisfy those who are wary of smartwatches exactly because they have to charge it every night.

Will the Apple Watch face tougher times, especially with the longer lasting, cross-platform, and now colorful Pebble Time, or even the rugged but classy LG Watch Urbane? Hardly, if we take sales of any Apple device as an indication. However, there is no denying the fact that Apple is treading new ground and it has to take care to tread carefully if the Apple Watch is to go beyond a one hit wonder.


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