Compal KAX15 MID with overclocking Atom Z515 CPU [Video]

Chris Davies - Jun 5, 2009
Compal KAX15 MID with overclocking Atom Z515 CPU [Video]

MIDs a failure?  No no no, how could that be when this little beauty is headed to the market?  Known here as the Compal KAX15 MID, but likely to find itself a variety of alternative brands including Gigabyte and Aigo, it’s based on Intel’s existing Menlow platform and packs an 800MHz Atom Z515 processor, a 4.8-inch 800 x 480 touchscreen and slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Video hands-on after the cut


That processor is actually quite clever, because despite the relatively low billed clock speed it also supports 1.2GHz bursting.  While running at 1.2GHz would generally produce too much heat and have too great an impact on battery life, bursting-compatible applications will be able to poke the Z515 into running at the faster speed until the CPU’s controller decides things are getting too hot.

There are also dual cameras, front and back.  Squinting at the product spec in the video below (courtesy jkkmobile), it looks like the KAX15 has 512MB of RAM, runs Windows XP (though the press shots have an Android-esque status bar across the top) and have WiFi and Bluetooth.  No word on specific launch dates or pricing, but at least the Compal KAX15 will land before Moorestown.

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