Comixology Windows 8 app getting axed end of the year

Just when Microsoft is, somewhat desperately, trying to push software developers to make universal Windows apps that run on any device form factor, Comixology is going in the totally opposite direction. It has rather silently updated its FAQ with a page answering "Where is the Windows 8 app?". It's still there, don't worry, but only until the end of the year. The world's biggest and most popular digital comics distributor is retiring its native Windows 8 app in favor of, what else, a "great web experience".

Change is brewing again inside Comixology, and once again another platform will be drastically affected. April last year, right after the company was gobbled up by Amazon, Comixology removed the ability to purchase comics from its iOS app, forcing users to go through its Web store front to buy comics. Once again, Comixology is pushing users to its Web site, and this time it's Windows users' turn.

Comixology has removed the Windows 8 app from the Windows Store but for those who already have it installed, it's business as normal, at least until up to the end of the year. Until then, they will be able download and read from the comforts of the app. After that, they will have to settle for the browser-based reader.

Some might not exactly be fond of browser readers, whether it be for magazines, books, or, in this case, comics. The reader isn't exactly wanting in features, as it does have Comixology's prized Guided View, which adds a bit of cinematic flair to comic reading by directing readers' eyes to the flow of the panels, zooming in or out as needed. Just like the old Fantastic Four, Thor, or Captain America cartoons.

This about face does put into question the future of Comixology on Windows 10 as well. The company claims that they want to focus their efforts in perfecting their web experience, practically saying they aren't going to be making a native app anymore. While that might be fine for desktops and tablets, Microsoft's Universal App Platform also targets smartphones as well. One can only hope Comixology's "great web experience" also works there.

SOURCE: Comixology

VIA: Windows Central