Comcast: HBO Go on PS4 is a no go

This is one of those stories that doesn't really shock you but could still pretty much leave you fuming. Although Sony has finally made PS4 users' dreams come true by making the HBO Go app available, a certain subset of that group is missing out on the fun. The service still requires console owners to authenticate their devices with their cable operator and while most companies have been glad to do so, one, unsurprisingly, refuses to budge. That's right. Comcast is still blocking HBO Go on Sony's consoles.

Comcast seems to have a love/hate relationship with HBO Go at first glance. It took a while for the operator to finally allow HBO Go on the Roku. The theory is because Comcast has traditionally been slow moving, in fact resistant, to support devices that attach to your TVs. It wants direct access to your flat screen, plain and simple. But it seems that this latest issue is a very special case as well.

HBO Go arrived on the PlayStation 3 first last year, with a promise to roll out on the PS4 "soon", which only happened this week. And yes, Comcast subscribers are still out of luck even one year later. It inspires very little hope that the situation will change favorably with the PS4 any time soon. This perhaps speaks of an ongoing feud between Comcast and Sony more than just HBO Go.

For Comcast subsribers who own a PS4 and want HBO Go, perhaps there might be some hope in the future, but from another source. Rumors abound that HBO will be launching its own independent streaming service, called HBO Now, But don't start holding your breath just yet. Because if the rumors are completely true, then it might also be true that it will be landing first on Apple's world.

VIA: The Verge