Here be dragons: HBO Go finally lands on the PS4

JC Torres - Mar 4, 2015, 5:50am CST
Here be dragons: HBO Go finally lands on the PS4

It might almost be over in the real world, but winter is coming to your current gen PlayStation console today. Almost a year in the making, Sony has announced that, finally, the intersection of PlayStation 4 owners and HBO subscribers will be able to get access to the HBO Go streaming service. This further transforms the gaming device into an all purpose home entertainment system. And just in time for the next season of everyone TV guessing game “Who Will GRRM Kill Next”!

It was still back in early 2014 when Sony announced that HBO Go will be coming to the PlayStation consoles, but for the PS3 first. That in itself was rather strange considering the hype around, not to mention subsequent sales numbers of, current gen. You’d think they’d prioritize the PS4, but perhaps the goal was to cater to existing owners over still would-be ones.

Regardless of their reasons, the wait for PS4 owners is over and they can now download the HBO Go app. But before they can start enjoying streaming shows, they of course still have to authenticate their console with their service provider first. Once done, they can start enjoying HBO’s top hits from their consoles, including, of course, the next Game of Thrones season 5 in April.

The PS4 HBO Go integration comes months after the Xbox One’s. The service is now available on a wide variety of devices, including Roku and the Amazon Fire TV.


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