Colourform HD Widgets expansion blossoms with spectrum of beauty

Chris Burns - Apr 3, 2013
Colourform HD Widgets expansion blossoms with spectrum of beauty

Just a few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have heard about the expansion for the Android-based app HD Widgets’ expansion pack called Colourform – now it’s out for all! Straight out of Beta you’re now working with the fully functional Colourform theme pack for HD Widgets containing a massive amount of features and options you’re absolutely going to love. And it’ll only cost you a buck!

When we switch from phone to phone here on SlashGear (and over on Android Community where the video you’re about to see comes from), it’s rare that we’ll find an app that absolutely must pop up on all review units. HD Widgets is certainly one of them. With the Colourform theme pack, things have suddenly gotten a whole lot more appealing to the modernists in us.

Back when HTC first revealed their monstrously lovely candy-coated weather widgets with Sense a few years ago, we came to realize what was possible aesthetically in the Android universe. Here with HD Widgets, we’ve got a 3rd-party developer ( that’s essentially perfected the art. You’ll not only be working with these widgets on your home screens in your standard Android experience, you’ll be able to place them on your lock screens with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, too!


As far as Colourform goes – you’ve got a brand new set of over 50 new Ice Cream Sandwich / Jelly Bean-style widgets that’ll look just as nice on your smartphone as they will on your tablet. You can choose custom colors for backgrounds, text, separators, and each little bit of the clock, too! You’ve got flat panels, textures, 3D effects, and flatness galore!

Above: HD Widgets 3.0 (currently on version 3.9.3, with even more greatness!)

Just so you’re aware, you WILL NEED HD WIDGETS for this new expansion pack to function. You can download HD Widgets from the Google Play app store today and make it roll with or without Colourform – your choice! Your Colourform (HDW theme pack) download will be just the ticket you need to go fully Bauhaus on your smartphone or tablet of tomorrow – make it work!

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