HD Widgets 3.0 for Android hands-on

This week there's a giant upgrade to one of the most aesthetically pleasing applications exclusive to the Android ecosystem: HD Widgets 3.0. This application will have you more than appreciative of the abilities that your Android smartphone or tablet has over the rest of the smartphone operating systems out there with no less than a vast collection of widgets in high definition. This application is developed by a group by the name of Cloud.tv and is out on the market right this second – let's have a look!

Courtesy of our good friends on Android Community we've got a lovely hands-on video with this application ready to go. What you'll see is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus running the application in pure bright colors from start to finish. This device is one of many that can run the application, and due to its own high definition display it'll be bringing you HD Widgets looking their best! The HTC One S pictured above ain't half bad either!

This application will bring you not only a set of pre-made applications, but a WYSIWYG widget creator as well. Not only will you be able to choose colors, fonts, and configurations of all kinds, you'll be able to hit the Random button as well. There's nothing like a fabulous randomly-constructed widget to tell you the time in bright orange, is there?

This application was developed natively on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK 15) and is ready to go for an amazing $0.99 for the next 48 hours – what a deal! After that the price will jump back up – but also remember that if you've got the app already, your upgrade is free! What a deal! Grab HD Widgets 3.0 from the Google Play App Store today!