ColorWare Paints Segways Now

ColorWare is pretty notorious for doing custom paint jobs for your favorite gadgets. iPads and mobile phones, things like that. They were well known for their color-throwing ways, but notorious for the price tags that went along with it. And when they added HDTVs to their list of things that could be colored, eyebrows were raised. But now, well, we're speechless.

We didn't think Segways were popular enough to get color options, let alone extremely expensive ones coming from the customizing minds of ColorWare. Apparently, there were far too many standard black Segways out there, that someone decided things needed to chage. For the colorful, there's plenty of options to choose from, thankfully. However, unlike the HDTVs, you are able to send in your own Segway and get it colored. That will cost you $1,500. Sure, it could be more expensive, especially considering the size of the Segway, but we're pretty sure you could find something else to spend your hard-earned $1,500 on, too. Unless you really want a blue Segway.

[via Ubergizmo]