ColorWare Moves on to HDTVs

We've brought you plenty of gadgets that ColorWare has splattered with their paints before, ranging from Nexus Ones to Macs, there's nothing that they won't color for you. And, after today, that statement has never been more true. They've finally added a whole new addition to their coloring options, going for something a bit more stationary, and in your home. Want to paint up that brand new HDTV you just bought? Good, because now you can.

Starting this week, ColorWare is making it possible for those that really, really want to customize their TV, to add their customized paint job. Oddly enough, the company isn't going out of their way to spout sample prices quite yet. Apparently that's due to the absurd amount of HDTV options out there, and not because they want to give people pre-mature heart attacks, due to the assault on their wallet.

Also, and this is a bit of bad news we know, you can't send in your HDTV to them, like you can with the mobile gadgets. You'll either have to order a new TV through them, with the custom paint job already ordered, or paint it yourself. Unfortunate, but then again, we don't know many people who would actually send their TVs to anyone.

[via TechnaBob]