ColorWare offer madly priced iPad customization

ColorWare have opened up their inky arms and welcomed in the iPad, offering to make your Apple tablet distinctive for "just" $400.  The company can take its usual range of solid, metallic and pearl colors and allows you to choose between them for the aluminum back panel, Apple logo and the home button.

If you already have an iPad and are happy shipping it off to ColorWare, they'll give it the treatment for $400.  Alternatively, they'll sell you a new iPad – complete with whatever dye scheme your imagination can come up with – for $900.  Bear in mind that's for the basic 16GB WiFi model; the 32GB is $1,000 and the 64GB is $1,100.

Personally we'd rather go for something less permanent and less pricy, like the GelaSkins we've just reviewed; in comparison their $29.95 price tag looks like an absolute bargain.  Plus, after hearing the hundredth person tell you "wow, that's an ugly iPad" you can rip off your custom GelaSkin and avoid further shame.