ColorWare Add the New Xbox 360 to Their List [Video]

ColorWare is on a roll. Having just announced in the last few weeks that they've stepped up their game to include HDTVs, and even Segways, it looks like they're getting their hands on some new gadgets, too. And this time around, if you're not a fan of remarkably shiny black pieces of technology, then you can go ahead and choose from any color you want, and get it colored and customized specifically for you.

As usual, ColorWare is giving customers the ability to choose how they get their new Microsoft Xbox 360 colored. They can either choose to order the system, with additional (also customizable) controllers, or just send their own console in. Both options will see your new colored item shipped in about three weeks, so it really just depends on what's more comfortable for you.

As for pricing, what's also pretty standard comes into play here, too. For you to choose your own model to have sent to you from the company, it will cost you $500 to get your 'box colored. And if you choose to send your own in, that will run you $175. Sure, it could be a lot more expensive, but throwing down that much money just to make sure that your Xbox 360 looks different from everyone else's may still be just a little "too extra."

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Press Release:

The New Xbox 360

WINONA, MN July 2, 2010 — The Xbox 360 S brings a sleek new design

to your home console, and now you can give it the custom color it

deserves. ColorWare offers you the chance to customize your console

with a palette of 46 eye-catching colors.

The ColorWare design studio makes it easy to customize every aspect of

the Xbox. You can also play videos, see images, and use our

interactive 360 section to see every corner of the console.