Coca-Cola with Coffee in cans: Different from BLAK

This week Coca-Cola with Coffee in cans launched in stores in a variety of flavors and mixes. This isn't the first time Coca-Cola tried to launch a coffee mix drink, but it might be the most successful. Thanks to a newly formulated mix of elements and a far, far better branding scheme than with previous releases, the Coca-Cola with Coffee in cans release will likely be in your hand by the end of the month.

The branding is such that you'll notice the Coca-Cola logo in white in a red circle on the can – not diluted whatsoever by any element that surrounds it. Below the brand you'll see "with COFFEE" in strong, off-white lettering. Below this rests a photo of a pair of coffee beans.

At the top of each can you'll see a flavor and a color. There's a tag that suggests which flavor you'll get, with a matching color if you're getting the original (with sugar) version, or black if you've picked the ZERO SUGAR version.

Dark Blend will be released in original and Zero Sugar versions, the same with Vanilla. There'll be one Caramel version that will have no Zero Sugar version – at least on launch day in the USA.

Each can will have 70 calories of drink, or zero calories for the zero sugar variations. Price is as yet unknown – but you'll likely see a variety of cans available in stores by the end of January, 2021.

NOTE: This is the product announced back in July of 2020. We took a peek at the original plan with cans that more or less stayed the same as they'd planned back then. Cross your fingers they taste as OK as early reviews suggest.

ALSO NOTE: This is different from that time Coca-Cola released Coca-Cola BLAK, circa 2006-2008. That... didn't taste great.