Cloud Telecomputer Glass slaps Android onto an awesome touchscreen desk phone

We've seen Android on MIDs, Android on PMPs and of course Android on smartphones, so it should come as no surprise that the humble landline phone is next.  Thing is, Cloud Telecomputer don't seem to have received the memo about your desk phone being humble, as their Glass design rocks an 8-inch full-color touchscreen, HD audio, Bluetooth connectivity and desktop computer integration.

That means such niceities as touch-to-dial, support for various VoIP clients and native noise cancellation and DSP, together with power-over-ethernet and visual voicemail.  It's also capable of querying web directories such as LinkedIn during calls, so you can check up on a contact's credentials while you're chatting with them.

If that last talent didn't make it clear, the Glass is intended for business desks rather than on the telephone table in your hall at home.  Still, we'd like to think that Android could find its way to home media hub-phones such as Verizon's Hub or the iriver Wave. Who knows, maybe our wish will come true; we're reminded of the rumors of a T-Mobile Android-based home-phone/netslate, tipped to drop sometime in early 2010.

[via Electricpig]